Hi! I’m Olly Britton and these are my notes. This site is made up a few things:

A lot of the pages on here are written with the expectation that no-one else will ever see them. For that reason, they might be confusing, lack context or just non-sensical. This is especially true of my notes for college.

Links in [[square brackets]] will take you to other posts on this site, and the color of the link specifies what type of post it is. A more detailed explanation can be found in [[How to get around]]M and [[Albatross, how I take notes]]B? . You can also search posts by title either by clicking on the search icon (boring) or hitting Alt+L (exciting).

For some interactive clicky things, there’s [[Projects]]B which has a list of things I’ve worked on in the past. There’s also a index with every single page on here that can be found here.

This site was created using some messy software I wrote called go-albatross which is kind of like Roam or Obsidian, a tool for “creating a second brain” or a digital garden. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could create a complete clone of my brain from everything on here.

Getting around

See [[How to get around]]M for more info, or hit Alt-L to search.

Other blogs I like

Name What it’s about Favourites
Gwern.net Spaced repetition, self-experiments, crypto Spaced Repetition for Efficient Learning, Modafinil and dual N-back
Astral Codex Ten (previously Slate Star Codex) Essays written by Scott Alexandar about science, politics, medicine Meditations on Moloch, ‘Universal Love, Said the Cactus Person’
Andy Matuschak’s notes Spaced repetition, effective note taking, productivity Unusual applications of spaced repetition memory systems, Work with the garage door up
LessWrong Community group blog about rationality and AI Pain is not the unit of effort (alkjash), The Best Textbooks on Every Subject (lukeprog)