Book Notes

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These are notes on books I’ve read, along with a rating and some extra random thoughts about them. Each one starts with a really stupid caveman explanation of the book, which I thought was funny a while ago but hurt to read a bit now. Notes on other things like textbooks, extra maths and articles can be found in [[Misc Notes]]N.

Some of the notes contain flashcards, which are denoted by headings ending with two question marks, ??. For a more in-depth explanation of this process, see [[Albatross, how I take notes]]B .

The greyed out entries are books whose notes I haven’t made public. This isn’t necessarily because they are about things I want to keep private, but just because I haven’t checked them to make sure that they’re okay to post online.

Some books I haven’t finished. These don’t have a tick next to them. Books I particularly enjoyed have stars next to them.




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