A-Level Notes

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These are my notes for studying Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Physics at A-level. These notes weren’t written with anyone else in mind, so if they do not make a whole lot of sense or seem strange you might be lacking the context that I had at the time of writing them. There’s also a lot of spelling mistakes (see the Further Maths ‘matricies’ topic for example).

For a list of all the notes for each subject, see:

The notes consist of flashcards, written in the style described in [[Albatross, how I take notes]]B . More details about how I practice questions from each subject can be found in [[Sergeant, applying spaced application to A-levels]]B .

For people who don’t know or have forgotten how A-levels are taught, you pick 3-4 subjects you want to study at the start of 2 years and have lessons for each of them. I’ve picked all STEM related subjects but I promise there are other ones too like Food Science, Biblical Hebrew and Politics.

The content is divided across the two years. If you choose to only study a particular subject for one year, you earn an AS-level (“advanced subsidiary”) qualification, otherwise you get the full A-level qualification.

Further Maths is extra maths content that goes above what is taught in Maths. Some schools choose to teach all the A-level Maths content in the first year using the time that would be allocated to two subjects and then teach A-level Further Maths afterwards. My sixth form chooses to teach both simultaneously, hence the pretty sharp separation in these notes.

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title: A-Level Notes
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