⚠️ This post still needs writing. ⚠️ Backlinks [[Using the reMarkable 2 as an A-level Student]]B [[Blog Posts]]B [[Projects]]B [[A-Level Notes]]S [[How to get around]]M Metadata date: 2021-09-29 15:22 tags: - '@?blog' - '@?public' - '@?safe-to-post-online' - '@?todo' title: Sergeant, applying spaced application to A-levels
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⚠️ This blog post is not finished and is a work in progress. Along with being really poorly written, it also stops making any sense towards the end. ⚠️ *non-programmable scientific calculator Introduction What is Turing completeness? An Example Introduction As an A-level student, I am at the mercy of JCQ – the Joint Council for Qualifications – for what I am and am not allowed to do during my exams.
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